I am very proud of Renée’s achievements, her honesty, reliability and wonderful rapport with students and parents.
— Mary Moe Adams, Licentiate, Royal Academy of Dance (London)
Renée is like if Regina Spektor was a ballet teacher.
— Ravyn B.
Our experience at RCBS has been wonderful. Renée is a gift to her students and the community! I’ve never seen a teacher with the grace, authenticity, and patience that she holds.
— Carrie T.
Renee is lovely! Class is engaging, warm, and creative. Renee has a rich vocabulary for describing the positions needed. She uses imaginative, inspiring words that make dance fun. The environment has just the right amount of structure where my girls are building listening skills and attentiveness, but are not pressured. I feel like my kids go home with fuel for joyful pretend play and enthusiasm for being in their bodies.
— Kali Kiger
Renee does the most inspiring work of sharing ballet with all ages. Her instruction is full of joy and she is full of compassion. It is her love of beauty and education that sets her apart as a most outstanding leading lady in ballet instruction!
— Austen Tanner
I love Renee. She is kind, respectful, organized and showed the amazing world of ballet to me. If you have any interest in ballet I highly recommend going to Rose City Ballet School, because it is an amazing and supportive dance studio where you can make lots of friends easily. Happy dancing!
— Karla S.
...The whole experience has been amazing!! Renee is a very sweet and challenging teacher. She inspires me to do my best and never give up.
— Finn H.
Love everything about RCBS!
— John Branam
I have two kids in this school and it’s amazing!!
— Luke Atwood
It is truly beautiful to watch Renée interact with children. She is so sincere and natural.
— Michael K.
Renée is amazing, her style of teaching, the loving atmosphere...all the things!!
— Cara C.
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